Hong Jinyoung and Seo Hye-jin are working together…Joining “Fire Trot Man”

Hong Jinyoung

Singer Hong Jinyoung will join hands with producer Seo Hye-jin of “Fire Trot Man.”

Hong Jin-young will be a judge at the MBN audition “Fire Trot Man,” which will air for the first time next month. Shim Soo-bong, Nam-jin, Seol Un-do, Joo Hyun-mi, Jo Hang-jo, Kim Yong-im, Shin Yoo, Park Hyun-bin, Cho Jung-min, composer Yoon Il-sang, Yoon Myung-sun, group “SG Wannabe” Lee Seok-hoon, “JYJ” Kim Joon-soo, Lee Ji-hye, comedian Shin Bong-sun, musical actor Kim Ho-young, and group “Oh My Girl” Yoo-bin. As he raised his juniors by holding a trot audition called “Hongdition” with his name in the past, he will spare no advice to the participants.

Hong Jin-young said, “It’s been 16 years since my debut this year, but rather than evaluating the participants as a senior, I’ll be with you with a heart of ‘cheering for my juniors’,” adding, “The burning Trotman was attracted in many ways, including the prize money system. “I have a feeling that a huge star will come out as many people with various charms have applied,” he expected.

The burning trot man will be made by producer Seo Hye-jin, who made TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot” season 1 and 2 (2019-2021) and “Mr. Trot” season 1 (2020). The open prize money system is introduced, and the scale increases whenever participants go on missions. Trot singer Jang Yoon-jung’s husband, announcer Do Kyung-wan, will host the show.

Hong Jinyoung and Seo Hye-jin are working together…

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