Hong Seong-woo, ‘Kkwa Chu-hyung,’ said, “Hospital income is too high…”When I was a pay doctor, it was three times the average salary.”

Hong Sung-woo, a urologist who will solve Korean men’s problems, and Han Sang-bo, a “hair loss expert” who will attract the attention of 10 million hair loss people, are making headlines.

Hong Seong-woo

Hong Sung-woo, who appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in the Rooftop,” which airs on the afternoon of the 1st, drew attention by honestly revealing his extraordinary scale of income.

On the same day, Hong Sung-woo, a urologist well-known as “Kkwa Chu-hyung,” said that the cumulative number of views on personal broadcast channel contents reached 150 million views and a total of 9,000 patient surgeries. When the members were curious about their income, they surprised everyone by saying, “When I was a pay doctor, I was the top-class salary, and it was my salary that combined the salaries of three doctors.” He then said, “With the opening of the hospital, the hospital’s income has already become an overwhelming wall. “So I don’t know how much the broadcasting fee is, and I don’t know which bank account I’m coming into,” he said, making me realize that he is the hottest doctor in the Korean medical community.

In addition, Hong Sung-woo and Han Sang-bo delved into the myths and truths about urology and hair loss, and the members, in particular, bombarded with questions about energy and hair loss that had not been asked, making them laugh. In addition, when Kim Jong-guk expressed unfairness about the myth that people with muscles have weak vitality, Hong Sung-woo quickly delivered the right information about energy, drawing interest from the members.

When asked whether hair loss is genetic, Han Sang-bo said, “Almost 90% of it is genetic,” and it is said that it has clearly solved not only the members but also numerous questions about hair loss people in Korea by introducing all the good tips to prevent hair loss.

The “Problem Children in the Rooftop” with Hong Sung-woo, a urologist specializing in urology, the two hottest doctors in Korea, and Han Sang-bo, a hair loss expert, can be checked at 8:30 p.m. on the 1st.

Hong Seong-woo, ‘Kkwa Chu-hyung,’ said, “Hospital income is too

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