Horrible injury during ‘Beauty Footballer’ Markovic game, fans are rushing to encourage him


The world’s most beautiful footballer has been seriously injured. Colleagues and fans expressed regret and prayed for a speedy recovery.

British media Daily Star said on the 8th that Ana Maria Markovic (23), nicknamed the world’s most beautiful soccer player, is suffering from a terrible injury during the game. I don’t think I’ll be able to play in the next few months,’ he reported.

Markovic, currently a member of the Swiss League’s professional team, the Grazhofer Club in Zurich, is an elite player who also plays for Croatia’s national team. Markovic, who was selected for the first time for the national team in 2021, caught the eyes of soccer fans around the world through his first international competition. He immediately won the title of ‘the most beautiful soccer player in the world’ by showing off his beauty as well as his excellent soccer skills.

Markovic was seriously injured during the game. Markovic who recently competed in the “Zurich Derby” match against FC Zurich, collided with his opponent during the match and seriously injured his knee while falling from his butt on the lawn. It was an injury that required long-term rehabilitation. Markovic said: ‘Unfortunately, I was injured in the last game. “It hurts so much and I still can’t believe it,” he said. “But everyone who knows me knows I’m a strong person and I’ll come back much stronger in the future,” vowing to return healthy through rehabilitation.

But Markovic is not expected to play any more, at least this season. He added, “I don’t expect him to play in the next few months.” It means season out. After Markovic injury, Grashofer lost to his local rivals 1–3. After the game, teammates and fans left messages of support and encouragement through Marko-vic SNS wishing for a speedy recovery and return.

Horrible injury during ‘Beauty Footballer’ Markovic game

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