The reason for the difficulty of transferring to Wolverhampton has been revealed.

Hwang Ui-jo

The reason why Hwang Ui-jo (30, Bordeaux)’s transfer to Wolverhampton has not accelerated is that there are differences in transfer fees between the clubs. A ridiculous amount of money was offered, even to the extent that some even asked if Wolverhampton really wanted Hwang Ui-jo.

“Bordeaux, which is unlikely to accept Wolverhampton’s first offer, is waiting for an improved offer,” the British “Molinho News” reported on the 7th (local time).

According to French media “Requipe” on the 3rd, Wolverhampton said he wants to recruit Hwang Ui-jo for 3 million euros (about 2.6 billion won) to Bordeaux.

According to “Molinho News” that day, 3 million euros includes an option price of 1 million euros.

The option of 1 million euros is the amount that Wolverhampton can only receive if he plays in the UEFA Champions League next season. It is a goal that is practically impossible for Wolverhampton, a mid-tier team.

Bordeaux considers at least 5 million euros (about 6.7 billion won) as Hwang Ui-jo’s transfer fee. The option and basic transfer fee of 3 million euros do not satisfy Bordeaux.

As a result, it is said whether Wolverhampton really wants Hwang Ui-jo.

Bordeaux, who is signed by Hwang Ui-jo until June 2023, wants to transfer him for an appropriate transfer fee in the transfer market this summer.

Not only because of the contract period, but also because of financial difficulties, Bordeaux must make Hwang Uijo’s transfer to secure capital.

Hwang Uijo wants to challenge the British stage. With Wolverhampton and many other European teams watching Hwang Uijo, Bordeaux is waiting for an improved transfer offer from Wolverhampton.

Meanwhile, Hwang Uijo, a front-line striker who entered the professional league through Seongnam FC in 2012, joined Bordeaux in 2019 after passing through Gamba Osaka in the Japanese J-League in 2017. He has scored double-digit goals on the French stage in the past two seasons. He proved his “goal-scorer” skills even in a situation where the team is sluggish. 코인파워볼

Hwang Ui-jo The reason for the difficulty of transferring to Wolverhampton

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