Hwasa how you feel about the controversy over the obscenity


Singer Hwa-hwa expressed her honest feelings four months after the “obscene controversy.”

Singer Hwasa appeared as a guest on Sung Si-kyung’s YouTube channel on the 4th.

Hwasa, who will release her new song “I Love My Body” on the 6th, said, “It seems to be a very simple and heavy message. “Because that’s how I felt,” he said. Hwasa directly mentioned her controversy, saying, “The reason I chose this song was because I was a little noisy for a while.”

Hwasa said, “I went on a tour of Mamamoo in the U.S., and I got a lot of Kakao Talk on the day I arrived in the U.S..” I prayed that something happened and saw the message. I was controversial on the stage, so I said, “I see,” but the level of malicious comments was too strong. I didn’t cling to malicious comments, but it was too strong this time,” he said. “It was my first performance in New York, so I should have managed my mentality.” I try to organize my mind with the thought of “Let’s do what I always do.” I performed while pretending to be okay, and as soon as I finished my New York concert, I burst into tears. When I arrived at the hotel, I was saying “Good job” with the members. I cried the most this year. Tears were pouring down like waterfalls. I filmed a movie on my way out of the hotel to get some air. I just ran to the parking lot crying. There’s no one there. “I ran to the parking lot crying and fell down and cried, and I came to my senses,” he recalled.

Hwa Sa said, “At that time, I got a call from Psy oppa. At that time, I was a little depressed and worried about what song to sing in the future, and it was that day when the future became vague. At that time, it wasn’t even when I signed a contract for a pinnation, but my brother sent me the song, he said. “I laughed for the first time at that time. I was having a hard time because of this controversy, but the title itself was so pleasant. It’s a refreshing experience. I felt a lot better after listening to the song,” he said.

Hwasa said, “I want to solve these difficult situations in a pleasant and lovely way in the music video.” That’s not to say that I ignore the criticisms sent by people. I accept them all,” he said.

Hwasa took the stage of Sungkyunkwan University’s festival in May as part of tvN’s “Dance Singer Wandering Group.” While singing the duet song “Don’t Give It to Me” with Loco, it became controversial for its sensational performance of touching a certain part. Since then, the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity has even accused Hwa-hwa of performing pornography, raising the controversy 대전호스트바

Among them, Hwasa took the stage as a guest of “Psy Dipping Show 2023” in July and said, “I was most worried that my throat would be worse than being sued.” The stage is really amazing. The things that I was worried and afraid about are all forgotten on stage. “I will gain strength to move forward with good energy,” he said, expressing his calm feelings.

However, behind the confident attitude, there was a real feeling that collapsed. Criticism and censure are starkly different. Hwasa’s performance may be uncomfortable, but it also covers legitimate criticism of excessive malicious comments. Once again, there are voices calling for self-respect for malicious comments that have crossed the line.

Hwasa how you feel about the controversy over the obscenity

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