Hyoyeon, the dizzying V-neck+bottom missing look is ‘perfect’…a rising beauty


Singer Hyoyeon from the group Girls’ Generation presented a fascinating pictorial.

The fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released a pictorial with Hyoyeon, who is about to come back as a solo artist in August 2021.

In the released pictorial, Hyoyeon posed on the floor wearing a black outfit with a slightly revealing chest line and a colorful pink fur coat.

Hyo-yeon, who produced a dizzying missing bottom look, showed off her beautiful legs with her straightened legs.

He also showed off his slim body line, revealing a slender shoulder line with a fur coat that seemed to flow down.

In another pictorial, Hyoyeon caught the eye by wearing a fur-like outfit with a dizzying “V” neckline. 파워볼사이트

On top of that, Hyoyeon created a cute yet fascinating atmosphere by matching colorful chain necklaces with toy-like crowns and rings.

Hyoyeon, who created an elegant mood by adding natural waves to her bright blond hair, added glamour with her sleek gold makeup.

Hyoyeon, who actively communicates with fans by going back and forth between Instagram and YouTube, said, “I’m not the type to work hard on SNS. “It’s more important to keep it in your eyes even when you go on a trip,” he said. “But I can’t see my fans for a long time because of Corona 19, so I work harder. “I press like in the comments and try to reply,” he confessed.

“It’s a big driving force for fans to be curious and like,” he said. “Especially, I feel more thankful while doing personal activities.”

As an entertainer in her 14th year since her debut, Hyo-yeon said, “I don’t go deep into everything people say,” adding, “I’ll do it if I have a clear opinion, so I’ll live well.” Even at the beginning of their debut, the members called me a “free spirit.”

“As I am a solo artist, I can easily decide on the concept and genre that I want to do,” Hyoyeon said. “It will be different from the strong and strong feeling that I have shown so far.” I think it’s a song that feels like the season. It’s very exciting and colorful?” he said.

“What I want to do the most is the stage. These days, I sometimes watch concert tour videos. “I thought it was obvious at the time, but now I’m so desperate,” he said, showing his passion for odd-dong.

Meanwhile, the photos and detailed interviews of Hyoyeon are available on the August 2021 issue of Cosmopolitan and its website.

Hyoyeon, the dizzying V-neck+bottom missing look is ‘perfect’

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