Hyuna-Dawn, your relationship and breakup…

Hyuna and Dawn

Singers Hyun-ah and Dunn announced their breakup.

Hyun-ah said on the 30th of last month, “We broke up. I decided to remain a good friend and colleague in the future. “Thank you for always supporting me and looking at me beautifully,” he said.

Dundo also pressed “Like” in the article, apparently formalizing the two’s breakup. It is reported that those who started dating in 2016 and have been dating publicly since 2018 broke up after six years of dating.

Above all, those who directly acknowledged the news of their relationship also reported the breakup directly, drawing attention. In the process of declaring a public romance in 2018, saying, “I want to be honest with my fans,” the contract was terminated due to a conflict with Cube Entertainment, the two’s agency at the time.

Since then, the two, who have moved to Fination, where Psy is the head, have been showing off their recent dating status or showing off their unwavering affection with strong touching photos until recently.

Above all, Dunn proposed to Hyun-ah in February, drawing attention, saying that the representative couple in the entertainment industry finally paid off their love. In particular, Dunn said on an entertainment program in July, “I haven’t set a wedding date yet. We can get married next week if we want to. “I’m busy with work now,” he said.

As such, the news of their breakup is shocking. Those who announced the breakup themselves are showing a “cool” aspect until the end, such as pressing “like” on the post. In this regard, Dunn’s remarks, which said, “I asked Hyun-ah not to delete the picture even if she broke up,” are also being re-examined.

As the two broke up, mixed duo activities are also believed to have ended. In 2017, including the two, Pentagon Hui, formed a mixed unit group Triple H and announced “365 Fresh” and “Retro Future,” and heard the story of being the “second trouble maker.”

After the end of the exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment, he moved to Fination and set up the first couple unit in K-pop idol history. Hyuna & Dawn released their first mini album “1+1=1” in September last year.

As Hyuna and Dunn recently said they had a finale side by side and the two broke up, the duo’s activities are now believed to have ended without any promise.

Hyuna-Dawn, your relationship and breakup…

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