I intentionally made an accident to leave Captain Top I got emotional after contacting the members


Cap, who decided to leave Teen Top, expressed his feelings after leaving.

C.A.P. broadcast live on YouTube on YouTube on the 11th. He, who was controversial for smoking and swearing, said, “In fact, I thought I had made up my mind internally and said it. “I’m sorry for all of you who expected me,” he said.

He said, “I knew this would happen. Actually, it’s because I didn’t tell you, but I was going to go out. “I’m sorry because I felt like I lied to you that I couldn’t tell you properly and that I decided it on my own and discussed it with my heart,” he said.

Cap said, “My original idea was to leave. I thought people would react like this when I did this. I thought the contract was going to increase. “I think I made an extreme choice because I was driven and driven,” he confessed.

He added, “As I have been active for the past six months, my qualifications have been growing within me. You can say, “Why do you feel disqualified?” but it comes from a relative sense of deprivation. I love my younger siblings, but I think they’re hurting people because of my inferiority complex. “It’s a matter of my heart, but I’ve been thinking about why I’m causing damage.”

“I thought it would be right to make an accident first and then fix it and leave if I wanted to cut it off.” I know that I will be cursed and damage the team, but if I leave, won’t the subject to curse disappear. “Then I thought it would be okay,” he confessed.

Cap revealed that he broke up well with the members regarding the withdrawal. He said, “I’ve been talking, and I almost cried talking to the members,” adding, “I wonder what if it ended badly among the members, but I’ve been talking to the members.” What he belonged to is gone. We just left the place we belonged to so as not to cause damage to them, but we are not wrong. We’re too close for that,” he said.

Meanwhile, C.A.P said during a recent live broadcast, “I honestly don’t like it when people who didn’t even watch my show come back and say, ‘Shouldn’t we do this?'” He was embroiled in controversy over his remarks.

Afterwards, his agency TOP Media said, “Cap terminated his exclusive contract upon leaving the team. The company and the cap have mutually agreed to show better performance on their respective paths,” he said

I intentionally made an accident to leave Captain Top

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