I’ll meet you quietly and quietly because of the talk of Lee Jongseok wearing IU’s goods

Lee Jongseok

Actress IU, who took off her oversized black jumper, sat on a chair in the right posture, wearing a beige knit with a clean face without color. His voice was a little husky, but he smiled, saying, “I’m in very good condition.”

IU had an interview with the movie “Dream” (director Lee Byung-hun) at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 20th. When the sad news of Astro Moon Bin, who passed away sadly on the 19th, the previous day, IU and the film company urgently requested MBAGO (delayed reporting of the article) to the 24th to mourn the deceased.

On this day, IU answered the reporter’s questions about the movie with a calm look. “Dream,” played by IU as a passionless documentary PD Somin, depicts the process of homeless shambles playing against former national team coach Hongdae (Park Seo-joon) to participate in the Homeless World Cup. Adapted from the true story of the 2010 Homeless World Cup, when South Korea first competed

IU also learned about the existence of the Homeless World Cup through this work. However, he actually participated in the homeless rehabilitation media Big Issue in the movie as a talent donation.

“I knew for the first time that there was a Homeless World Cup while playing ‘Dream’. So I wanted more people to know. But I’ve taken a cover of Big Issue before. So I knew. Photographers, stylists, and other activities are all made up of talent donations. I felt the same way and filmed it was filmed. The image that started with the Big Issue helped me understand the movie a lot.”

He said he did not get close to actor Park Seo-joon, who worked with him during the shoot. IU is as close to Park Seo-joon as the character in the movie. At the time of filming, we couldn’t get close, but four years later, we got closer as we gathered again for the recent promotion.

IU said, “I didn’t talk much with Park Seo-joon, but I think that tension helped me when I filmed it,” adding, “He matched it so well that I could say that I benefited a lot from every scene I filmed with Park Seo-joon.”

“I received a lot of reaction help from actor Park Seo-joon. I remember admiring every scene. There must have been a lot more footage than I did, and there must have been a lot of difficulties. What should I say? It’s not that you talk a lot, but you just maintain your healthy energy. I thought he was a really good person.”

IU said, “It’s a warm movie,” adding, “It’s a fast breathing, and there are many fun elements.” I thought it was a movie with a heavy heart. “The harmony was good.”

IU, who was not hesitant to bring up the story when asked about the movie, smiled for a moment when asked about her boyfriend, actor Lee Jong-seok. Recently, several photos of Lee Jong-seok wearing IU’s goods (planned products for fans) made headlines. It is rumored that he has a deep affection for his girlfriend IU enough to use IU goods in his daily life, drawing a happy smile from IU fans.

In response, IU said, “What should I say? I’m puzzled.” “You’re really interested in me and support me a lot. It’s best to meet quietly in a pretty way, so I’ll meet you in a healthy way.”

IU smiled and shook her head when asked if she had given the goods as a gift. “He came to the concert, too. We give out our concert goods to my friends who are coming. It’s not a special gift, but there are so many lights. I think the pictures were taken somewhere else (not the concert hall) by chance. Thank you for your interest… Thank you.”

I’ll meet you quietly and quietly because of the talk

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