Irene X Wendy X Yeri Red Velvet’s “Queendom” teaser.


Teaser images of girl group Red Velvet members Irene, Wendy and Yeri have been released.

The teaser images released on various SNS accounts on the 6th are set in a cute space.

It features Irene, Wendy, and Yeri, who stand out in unique visuals and unique styling.


Red Velvet will also release their new mini album “Queendom” with logos, mood samplers, and teaser images.

It is drawing attention every day by releasing new contents in sequence, and each time new contents are released, it has different charms.

He is adding curiosity and anticipation to the album by showing off his “concept queen” side.

Red Velvet’s new mini-album “Queendom” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 16th and will also be released as an album on the 17th.



Irene X Wendy X Yeri Red Velvet’s “Queendom” teaser.

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