“Irving, buy a bundle for the Lakers this summer” vs. “Brooklyn and Max contract.”


Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets was expected to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers last summer. It was to reunite with LeBron James, who had been together at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But Brooklyn did not trade Irving. It was because I didn’t want to get Russell Westbrook.

In the end, his trip to the Lakers fell through.

But something bigger happened after the season opened. Irving did it again. It’s a link to anti-Semitic promotional material.

The Jewish community protested, but Irving refused to apologize. Brooklyn imposed a travel ban on him.

Feeling a sense of crisis, Irby took a step back. He made an apology.

Irving, who lost eight games, then calmly focused on basketball.

Thanks to this, Brooklyn showed its strength with only one loss in 17 games. Now he is a strong candidate for the championship.

Nevertheless, Irving is expected to leave Brooklyn after the season. And the destination is the Lakers again.

Howard Beck of the Sports Illustrator recently claimed that Irving, who will become an FA after this season, will wear a Lakers uniform to reunite with James. The Lakers predicted that they would be willing to give $35 million to $36 million in annual salary.

“Everyone knows Kyrie Irving is going to buy a bundle this summer,” the New Jersey Web site quoted a source as saying. And the destination will be the Lakers,” he said.

The New York Post, on the other hand, predicted that Brooklyn would stay, saying that Kyrie Irving had a reason to offer him a Max contract.

According to the New York Post, ESPN front office Insider Bobby Marks said, “I don’t think it’s crazy. “I think Irving’s staying in Brooklyn is more likely than not,” he said.

Will Brooklyn push Irving`s down, shouting “Once again Miwi?” Or are you going to reunite with James at the Lakers? 안전공원

Kyrie Irving`s wanted a Max deal with Brooklyn before this season, but Brooklyn refused. This could be a variable for Irving’s future.

“Irving, buy a bundle for the Lakers this summer…

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