Itzy, the opening trailer of our 1st full-length album “Crazy in love” will be released.


Itzy first introduced the opening trailer of her first full-length album “Crazy in Love.”

JYP Entertainment posted the opening trailer of its first full-length album “Crazy in love” on its official SNS channel at 0 o’clock on the 6th and began its comeback promotion.

This trailer caught the eye by capturing the image of Izzy in love with sensuous visual beauty. From Yeji, who is immersed in cooking regardless of the ruined kitchen, Yuna, who walks around the hallway with detection dogs, Lia, who only finds and collects words related to love, Ryujin, who spends time writing messages, and Chaeryeong, who burns her artistic spirit in makeup, attracted viewers with different charms. The rich color and energetic space setting raised visual satisfaction, and at the end of the video, itzy stood proudly in front of a large outdoor sign reading “Crazy in love,” further amplifying curiosity about the new album.토토사이트

Prior to the release of the opening trailer, itzy hosted a spoiler live on its official YouTube channel on the afternoon of the 5th and had time to communicate with fans around the world. We talked while looking at the released comeback poster and scheduler, and expressed excitement about the comeback by watching trailer videos together and introducing behind-the-scenes episodes. Yeji and Ryujin took off their hats and unveiled a new visual in surprise, drawing enthusiastic responses from viewers. The members said, “Watching the teaser in real time with midzy (fandom name: MIDZY) makes me feel that it’s a very new and real start. The trailer released today is just the beginning. I hope you look forward to the teasers that will be released in the future,” he said, sharing his joy with fans.

Meanwhile, itzy’s first full-length album “Crazy in Love” and title track “loco” will be released at 1 p.m. on September 24 and at 0 p.m. in Eastern U.S. time.

Itzy, the opening trailer of our 1st full-length album

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