IU has a simple room in an apartment with 13 billion views of the Han River.An impersonation of my younger brother and “Celebrity House”

Singer IU revealed her room through her Vlog.


IUS uploaded a video titled “Christmas Vlog Desperation Teaser” on her personal YouTube channel “Now” on the 25th.

IUS immediately called her younger brother, saying, “I’m going to proceed alone, but it’s not easy to set the camera because it’s my first time filming.”

IU ordered her younger brother to “light the light,” and her younger brother said, “It’s too sloppy. “Are you really taking it like this?” returned the answer, giving a laugh.

IU and her brother sat on the floor between the bed and the TV, saying, “This is my favorite space in my room, at home. He introduced it as a VLOG that is playing along alone. IU, who was filming for quite a while, said, “Isn’t that camera a little bent right now? Why is it off? “Can’t you record it?” he said, frustrated. The Vlog, which has been struggling for four hours, will be released on the 30th.

Earlier, KBS2’s “Yeonjung Live” mentioned the ultra-luxury luxury villa in Gangnam-gu, which IU recently received. IU made headlines by purchasing a large amount of 13 billion won in cash, and the apartment is known to be the nation’s highest-rise apartment with a view of the Han River, where stars such as Zico, Crush, and Yoo In-na live.

Even though it was a luxurious luxury apartment, IU’s room only stood out with basic furniture and props, and it was simple, neat, and simple, drawing attention.

In addition, at the end of the video, his younger brother said, “How many Lego pieces are there? Do you know how many pieces are there?” and showed an impersonation of Lee Sung-min in the popular drama JTBC’s “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate.” In response, IU said, “No, that’s not how you do it,” and showed a different version of Lee Sung-min, saying, “Jong-hoon, you.”

IU has a simple room in an apartment with 13 billion views..

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