IU’s cool public relationship with Lee Jong-seok wins in the end


I’m IU who believes in love.

On the 22nd, Harper’s Bazaar Korea released a pictorial and interview with IU, generously conveying IU’s visuals and thoughts that have become more and more atmospheric and mature.

When asked, “Is the hope that you believe in in a tight world still love?” IU said, “It’s embarrassing to say it out loud, but nevertheless, I believe that love beats hate.” In the end, love wins. Even when I lose my balance and shake, I repeat, “But love will win in the end,” and have logic, build muscles of thoughts, or control my mind. The proposition that “love wins” has been fully experienced throughout my life. I will continue to believe that in the future,” he expressed his firm heart.

IU is expected to return to the cathode screen with her next work, “I’ve been tricked” by Lim Sang-chun. IU, who said, “I enjoyed the previous works of writer Lim Sang-chun and it was refreshing to have a new story of this work,” said, “I was surprised that I could make people feel this way even though it was just a type.” As a person who likes to read and write, I was envious of the writer’s talent. “The theme that contains is good, but it was especially good that it conveys a heavy story without being heavy,” he hinted.

IU admitted her romantic relationship on Dec. 31 last year and became an official couple representing the entertainment industry. Rumors of a romantic relationship arose when Lee Jong-seok, who won the grand prize at MBC’s “Acting Grand Prize” the previous day, mentioned “him” full of love, and the two confirmed their romantic relationship neatly and coolly. On the 1st, he left his heartfelt feelings through the fan cafe. His first relationship was established in August 2012 when he was selected as the MC of SBS’s “Inkigayo.” The epic story of 10 years is also a point that made the public excited.

IU’s cool public relationship with Lee Jong-seok wins in the end

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