Jaejae is quitting SBS The MC for Moonhwa Express continues


Jae-jae, the MC of YouTube’s “Civilization Express,” will leave SBS.

On the 12th, an SBS official said, “Jaejae will leave SBS,” adding, “We will continue to appear as MCs for ‘MMTG.’ Details related to this are said to be undergoing coordination.

On this day, a video titled “D-17 Jae-jae is leaving the company” was released on the YouTube channel “Civilization Express.” In the video, Jae-jae writes “letter of resignation” in a black fan on the envelope and heads to the management planning team, saying, “I can’t believe this day has finally come.”

In response, an SBS official said, “Detailed stories will be released on the 29th on the ‘Civilization Express’.”

Jae-jae joined SBS News as a second intern in 2015 at the New Media Bureau of the SBS Press Headquarters. He made his name known as the MC of YouTube’s “Civilization Express” and appeared on various entertainment programs. At that time, Jae-jae was also given the modifier “banban-in,” which combines celebrities and ordinary people.

In the past, Jae-jae said, “It somehow became known through YouTube,” and drew attention by saying, “I live a ‘year-old’ life, but my salary is actually an ordinary person.”

Jaejae is quitting SBS The MC for Moonhwa Express continues

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