Jang Young-ran approaches to use it Confesses pain without falling asleep in a pretentious relationship

Jang Young-ran

Broadcaster Jang Young-ran spoke about human relations.

Jang Young-ran said on December 7, “My first insomnia in my life. I’m so tired. I can’t sleep because I have so many thoughts. “I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, so I have to go to bed early,” he wrote.

Then he went on to say, ” He really likes people. When I meet a person, I have an interesting eye that only sees the person’s strengths no matter who I meet. This person and that person are good people. All the people I meet are good people.”

Also, Jang Young-ran said, “If any of those good people hurt me, There must be a reason for that, let’s understand, it can be enough from his point of course. Let’s understand, and think again. The world is all about good people. I’ve never thought that the way I look at people was wrong.”

Jang Young-ran said, “I’m embarrassed, but I don’t think I knew it until I was 45 years old. I think I just found out after working at the hospital with my husband. Or I guess I’ve finally become an adult. Or have I changed?”

He said, “I keep getting caught. I keep seeing it. Bad people. a person approaching to take advantage A pretentious person who has a different front and back, a person who is weak against the strong and strong against the weak. a selfish person who doesn’t even think about other people’s position But when I meet people like that, I like people so much that I try again. If I do better, if I do my best, if I do it more sincerely, it will change, right? “You’ll like it, right?” he said, revealing the reality of human relations.

Jang Young-ran said, “But do better when you come back. Be nice, be nice, be nice, be understanding, be patient. Be used more because you’re nice. Be a loss because you’re nice. Oh, that’s upsetting.He said, “If I talk carefully with courage, I’ll say I’ve changed, right? “I want to be a big bowl that can hold everything,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jang Yeong-ran married in 2009 and has one son and one daughter

Jang Young-ran approaches to use it Confesses pain

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