Jeon Dabin “Exposure to body shape and tattoos? Being confident…”Vicious comments are jealousy”

Jeon Dabin

Jeon Da-bin appeared in SBS Mobidic’s web entertainment show “The Fracturing Masters.”

Jeon Da-bin said, “After appearing in “Doll Singles 3,” I had concerns about dating and remarriage. “When I try to meet someone, I ask them about their intention to remarry first,” he said. Regarding the reason for appearing in “Doll Singles 3,” he said, “I’ve never said I don’t have children after divorce, but you misunderstand. Because misunderstandings occur every time, my friends told me to go out, saying that I would take a one-top picture if I went on a broadcast. “I applied out of curiosity, but I got a call right away,” he said.

Jeon Dabin also mentioned “male friend (boyfriend) remarks,” saying that malicious comments overflowed after the broadcast. Earlier, Jeon Da-bin drew attention in “Doll Singles 3,” saying that she has many male friends and that she can make friends with men. Jeon Da-bin said, “A male friend and a date are separate and completely different. If a male friend keeps in touch, he or she is dating, not a male friend. If you don’t have any real feelings, you’re a male friend. You can’t drink 1:1 with a male friend. “I talked about this with other cast members, but it wasn’t on the show,” he explained.

He also revealed bold exposure photos on social media. Jeon Da-bin said, “There are different likes and dislikes. There are many tattoos, too. I’m showing it because I’m confident and not ashamed of my existence. I made it, so shouldn’t I show you? I think malicious comments are envy, jealousy. Yoo Se-yoon once said, “People who give lessons are not fans, so block them if you feel bad.” After that, I blocked 300,” he said with a smile.

When asked if he felt burdened about remarriage, he said, “It’s so good when you’re dating, but it can cool down at some point. Assuming that it doesn’t work, I think the child can experience another breakup. “I never show my child when I’m in a relationship,” he said, showing a cautious side.

Jeon Dabin said that dating before appearing in “Doll Singles 3” was the latest romance. He said, “I met him knowing he had a child, but as the relationship deepened, I drew the future. The thought of marriage ran into reality. I was suddenly notified of the breakup because many things were burdensome. “The damage was too strong,” he said.

He also said that the child has turned seven years old, saying, “He is mature and really quick-witted. I know you’re divorced. Mom and dad were friends before you were born, but we don’t live together because we fought. It’s the same as a fight between friends. However, I explained a lot that your mother and father don’t change,” he said and shed tears, saying, “I’m the most sorry for my child when I say I miss my father.”

She also thanked her ex-husband. Jeon Da-bin said, “As a father of my daughter, I am doing well. It could have been bad for me as a wife, too. I will do my best to play the role of a mother, so I hope she gets along well as a father. I went on the broadcast proudly because I wanted to protect my child. “I thought I would be able to raise it easily if I became a big person,” he said. Again, he shed tears, emphasizing, “I’ve never tried to hide that I’m a mother, but I hope there’s no misunderstanding.”

Lee Sang-wook, a psychological counselor, said, “I am the child of a single-parent head of the family, and I have grown up under my mother without a father. Now that I’ve grown up, I wonder how hard my mom worked to be a dad “Wouldn’t it be like that every day?” he said.

Jeon Dabin finally said, “My child is happy when I am happy, so I want to be happy. I also sent a video letter to my daughter, saying, “I hope to grow up bright without shade, and let’s live happily with my mom like now.”

Jeon Dabin “Exposure to body shape and tattoos?

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