Joo Won-tak from Rainz sings the OST of “Coffee Fox Kim Sam-wol”…”Stay with me”.

Joo Won-tak

The webtoon “Coffee Fox Kim Samwol” OST “Stay with Me” in which Joo Won-tak participated will be released on various online music sites at noon on the 7th.

The OST title song “Stay With Me” is a pop ballad genre song jointly produced by talented composers Hwang Young-hwa, Kim Min-ul and Lee Joo-yong, and is a confession song that contains a sincere heart to their loved ones.

Delicate melodies, magnificent sounds, and touching lyrics such as “Can I love you? No, I must already love you/I hope you can always be by my side now/Can you accept my heart like this?” are combined with Joo Won-tak’s sweet voice to give a deeper impression.

Joo Won-tak made headlines by appearing on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” and after debuting as a project boy group Raines for more than a year, he has been loved as a talented vocalist by participating in his albums and various OSTs such as “The Vanishing Star” and “IN THE LIGHT.”

The webtoon “Coffee Fox Kim Sam-wol” is a romance about Kim Sam-wol, a nine-tailed fox who ate 1,000 livers to become a god but turned into a human being, and Park Jong-man, the cafe owner, who brought her into a part-time job while living a wandering life.

Joo Won-tak from Rainz sings the OST of “Coffee Fox..

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