Jung Soo Jung, bold pose on the sofa. Sexy eyes

Jung Soo Jung

Actress Jung Soojung (Crystal) showed charisma and sexiness at the same time.

Arena Homme Plus released a photo shoot of Jung Soo-jung on the 19th.

This pictorial with a fashion brand is a concept that shows Jung Soojung’s present, which is honest and confident, and creates natural images in everyday spaces with natural light.

In particular, Jung Soojung’s moments with strong eyes were accurately captured even in her lying down pose.

Rumor has it that Jung Soojung overwhelmed the atmosphere of the set with bold poses, showing the aspect of a pictorial master.

In an interview that followed after filming, Jung Soo-jung expressed her feelings about ending the KBS 2TV drama “Crazy Love.”

“There were a lot of comic elements,” he said. “There were times when I had to show the feeling of acting on purpose, so I exaggerated about 10 times more than I expressed, made it a little more humorous, and made it a fun scene.” 안전공원

Asked about the burden he has as an actor, he said, “On the set, I just have to focus at the moment,” adding, “When I go into filming, I’m not the only one acting, but everyone in the camera, lighting, and director’s field focuses together at the moment and tries to make the best.”

Jung Soo Jung, bold pose on the sofa. Sexy eyes

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