Jung Sung-il of “Korean Brewing Committee”, “The Glory” Ha Do-young → “Interview” Yoo Jin Kim.

The Glory

Amid the re-enactment of the creative musical “Interview” for the first time in five years, the hot topic character Jung Sung-il joined the lead role.

“Interview” is an attractive portrayal of a tense psychological game to uncover the truth of two men holding secrets. It deals with an incident in which a boy who committed a murder to survive committed another murder 10 years later with guilt. In 2001, a small office in London, aspiring writer Sinclair, visited best-selling author Eugene Kim, who wrote the mystery novel Death of a Doll, for an interview, and their conversation gradually turns into a breathtaking psychological battle.

Jung Sung-il, Park Young-soo, and Kim Ji-chul, who are drawing attention as Ha Do-young in the Netflix drama “The Glory,” were named as “Yujin Kim.” Choi Ho-seung, Son Yoo-dong, Hyun Seok-joon and Kim Ri-hyun were then selected for the role of “Sinclair Gordon,” an aspiring assistant writer. In addition, Park Sae-him, Jo Yeong-hwa, Yoo So-ri, and Moon Eun-soo will play the role of Joan Senior, an 18-year-old girl who died in a mysterious accident. Finally, another character, the pianist, who works with the actors to enhance the completeness of the drama, is played by Yang Chan-young and Cho Jae-chul.

The musical “Interview” will host the long-awaited first ticket opening in early February and will be performed at Yes24 Stage 2 from March 4 to May 28, 2023.

Jung Sung-il of “Korean Brewing Committee”, “The Glory..

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