K.Will two-month national tour is over


K.Will ended his two-month national tour.

K-Will ended the performance with the national tour “HERE AND NOW” held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 31st.

Since its opening in Seoul on October 7, “Hear and Now” has continued to perform successfully in Changwon, Seongnam, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan and Incheon. K.Will, who met with the audience for the first time in about three years in the aftermath of COVID-19, spent a special time communicating with the audience with his witty talk as well as a fantastic live stage that showed off his luxury vocals through a total of 16 performances.

K.Will, who proved to be a “reliable performance” by presenting the best performance in each episode, through this nationwide tour, includes hit songs such as “My Heart Is Throbbing”, “Day 1”, “Love Blossom”, “Left Chest”, and “Talk! What Are You Doing?” by K.Will’s concert, “Attention (YOM)”, “LOVE (YT), “LOVE” by children.

The colorful set list, which captured all the emotions, healing, and laughter, and VCR, which provided fun with various parodies, added more attractions, and the audience enjoyed the stage with enthusiastic cheers as if responding.

At the Incheon concert held on the 30th and 31st, the end of 2022, K-Will presented an upgraded and touching performance, and the audience also prepared a surprise birthday party for K-Will on the 30th, and on the last day of the concert, both singers and audiences made unforgettable memories to each other. 안전놀이터

K.Will, who completed the national tour “Hear and Now,” said through his agency Starship Entertainment, “It was a happy time to spend the end of the year with fans after a long time.” I would like to thank Hyung Night (official fan club name) and the audience for enjoying the stage with me during the two-month national tour, and I will try to greet you with more diverse and fruitful performances and music in 2023, so please pay a lot of attention and look forward to it. “I hope you have a happy new year, and I hope you always have a year full of health and happiness,” he said.

K.Will two-month national tour is over..

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