Kaho Shibuya 澁谷果歩

Kaho Shibuya

Another name: #FukeYuri(富家由梨) #KawaseYuna(河瀬由菜/かわせゆな)
Date of birth: 1987-02-23 (35)
Height: 151 cm
Body Size: B95 / W60 / H92
Cup Size: K Cup
Debut: November 14

It is one of the representative Kikatan actors and showed very active work.

He is about 150 cm tall, but his chest and thick acting are the advantages of a huge K-cup.

When it comes to acting, it shows passionate acting and reactions throughout the work where such energy comes from.

Because of that, I often come out with the concept of starving color girl.

Like the case of Uehara, there are people who like this part because of their overreacting acting, while many people have antipathy.

On May 19, 2018, he announced his retirement.

Since his retirement, he has been focusing on cosplay events such as Comike or filming cosplay through Instagram and YouTube.

AV-related activities sometimes show their faces in Taiwan’s related events.안전놀이터

He often showed surprise live performances through Instagram, but in April 2020, he opened a Twitch channel and started broadcasting every two to three days.

It mainly focuses on reading comics, daily lives, and eating shows, and it is doing English and Japanese communication broadcasts with little exposure.

Kaho Shibuya 澁谷果歩 a typical Kikatan actor

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