Kang Min-kyung controversy over “Passionate Pay” belatedly drew attention to the recruitment announcement of Gian84.”New assistant, 3,000 won a year”.

Kang Min-kyung

While singer Kang Min-kyung’s shopping mall recruitment announcement is causing controversy over “passion pay,” Gian84’s company recruitment announcement in the past is a hot topic.

On the entertainment community site Dirku, an article titled “Salary and Welfare Posted When Finding a Gian84 Assistant” was posted, catching netizens’ attention.

The publisher who wrote this article said, “This is a stay-at-home notice posted in 2019, and the working hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., but it is 9 p.m. lol The Associated Press was also well received in the industry, which is rolling with passion pay.” He explained the company’s atmosphere by saying, “I live alone” (I live alone) also comes to the Gian office for a while, and we all lead the staff to eat during lunch time and pick excellent employees to give them a bonus.”

He added, “If the new assistants don’t know well, they ask then and then Gian teaches them how to draw a picture, and so on. That’s why the competition rate was strong when they were looking for Gian assistant.” According to the recruitment announcement, the annual salary of new assistants was 30 million won for new employees and 33 million won for experience as of 2019.

Meanwhile, Davichi member Kang Min-kyung recently posted a job posting on her Instagram story, which caused controversy over her salary. The announcement said that employees who respond to CS, a fashion brand shopping mall, will be eligible for three to seven years of experience for college graduates, but the annual salary was 25 million won.

Netizens who saw this ignited the controversy over “passion pay,” saying, “With the minimum hourly wage of 9,620 won in 2023, it is no different from the minimum hourly wage.”

Meanwhile, Kang Min-kyung founded Abiemua, a women’s fashion brand, in 2020. Last year, he purchased a building worth 6.5 billion won located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, and became the owner of the building. Kang Min-kyung is using the building as her fashion brand office.

Kang Min-kyung controversy over “Passionate Pay”

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