Kanon Ichikawa 市川花音

Kanon Ichikawa

Another name: #Arai Chinatsu(荒井ちなつ) #Akane(あかね)
Date of birth: 2001-09-30 (21 years old)
Height: 141 cm
Body Size: B80 / W55 / H82
Cup size: A cup
Debut: January 20

Loli made her debut in January 2020 → Retired in August of the same year.

Kikatan AV actor who debuted in January 2020.

Although Kanon Ichikawa is 141cm tall and short, she has a husky voice.

It has a black skin and a flamboyant Yankee feel.토토사이트

The agency is promoting Bambi. Fc2 once published a work under the name “Akane.”

In August 2020, the Twitter account @ichikawanon was suddenly deleted, and the profile was also deleted from the agency’s website.

So far, works have continued to appear, but they seem to have retired.

Kanon Ichikawa 市川花音 Loli made her debut in January 2020

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