Kanon Kuga

Kanon Kuga

Another name: #Maiko Nakazono(中園麻衣子) #Chura Canon(美らかのん)
Date of birth: 1996-04-03 (26 years old)
Height: 149cm.
Body size: B92/W63/H88
Cup size: H cup.
Debut: Debut in October 2014.

Kanon Kuga → Kanon Chura  a hardcore AV actor.

AV debut in October 2014 under the name of Kanon Kuga.

She’s a member of J-US Entertainment.토토사이트

She also worked as a stripper.

She left the cruise group in 2019 and turned into a freelance AV actor.

The stage name was changed from Kanon Kuga to Kanon Chura.

The catchphrase is everyone’s six-bowl.

In the SM world, she is working with Mira Kurumi, a long doctor.

She is also active as a YouTuber, but she is often fired because the level is too high.

Kanon Kuga → Kanon Chura  a hardcore AV actor.

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