Kanon Takigawa

Kanon Takigawa

Another name: Kanon Imai
Date of birth: 1992-02-02
Height: 155 cm
Body size: B86 / W55 / H85
Cup Size: D Cup
Debut: Debut in August, 2010

Japanese AV actress

Originally, she made her debut on August 13, 2010, under the name Kanon Imai.

For three years, she was loved by fans who had a boyish appearance and a neutral voice with a tsundere concept under the name of Kanon Imai.

After releasing Nomojak at CATWALK, she stopped working and returned to Kanon Takigawa in 2014.

Since then, she has been active with long hair, gained weight at the beginning of her return, but later lost some weight and her appearance revived.

She seems to have retired again after working as a planning actor for about a year. 토토추천

Kanon Takigawa 滝川かのん Japanese AV actress

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