Another name: #Kaori Morishima(森嶋かおり)
Date of birth: 1978-05-08 (45 years old)
Height: 165 cm
Body Size: B90 / W58 / H90
Cup size: ? Cup
Debut: Debut in December 09

AV Actress from Racing Queen.

According to the profile, the birth year is 1978, but the real birth year is 1975.

The original age of Kaori Morishima was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1975 by searching for the 嶋かりり racing model.

Arzon, the largest av work search site, also states that it was born on May 8, 1975.

In 2001, she made his debut as a racing model under the name of Kaori Morishima, and was said to have been popular at the time as a racing model.

She once made her debut in Gravia and made her AV debut in 2006.

In its early years, it was active in MUTEKI and then exclusively in PREMIUM.

In the early and mid-debut, even though she was not objectively pretty, she was very popular with the body with her large and beautiful hips and chest, which were former racing models.

Until 2015, it was exclusive to Attackers, but in September of that year, she switched to a Kikatan actor.

She announced her retirement from AV in 2019. 코인파워볼

KAORI Morishima AV Actress from Racing Queen.

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