KARA, 15th anniversary puzzle group stage


Group KARA filled the vacancy of the late Koo Ha-ra with longing. Those who did not forcefully fill the gap of the member who left first celebrated a more meaningful anniversary by completing the 15th anniversary enjoyed by the six of them.

Kara will finally release its first new album, “MOVE AGAIN,” today (29th). On the same day, they will perform their comeback stage through the “2022 MAMA AWARDS” at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan.

This comeback is drawing more attention in that you can meet Kara on stage again, and you can meet the members of the first to third generations in one place depending on the time of your activities.

The original members Park Gyu-ri and Han Seung-yeon, and Nicole and Kang Ji-young, who left the team in 2014, will return after nine years and join the third-term member Huh Young-ji. Heo Young-ji joined as a new member in 2014, and the timing of her activities did not overlap with Nicole and Kang Ji-young, so expectations are high on the stage to be shown by the new “complete Kara.”

However, since KARA’s entire group cannot meet the late Koo Ha-ra, who passed away in 2019, the news of their comeback caused both joy and longing. The members seem to feel the same way, and they continue to express their longing for Gu Ha-ra without hiding anything.

After Koo Ha-ra left, the members consistently brought their birthdays and dates through personal accounts. In particular, when the group photo was released to mark the 15th anniversary of his debut, he expressed that he was still “together” by tagging Koo Ha-ra’s account.

In addition, Kang Ji-young, who joined Kara with Koo Ha-ra, recently said, “I’ve been running hard to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Koo Ha-ra’s joining Kara in 2013 Jiyoung, right? “Let’s become better Otona (adult) and don’t change your mind as it is now,” he left a comment.

In the comments, Kang Ji-young said, “I miss you so much today. I don’t know if I’m doing well, but I’m trying hard to be a cool otona. I’ll go see you soon with a nice present. I love you,” he said. Even in the “fancy gift” that seemed to mean Kara’s full-length comeback, Kara didn’t forget Gu Ha-ra.

They left Gu Ha-ra’s spot in the first music video teaser of the title song “WHEN I MOVE” released on the 27th. The ownerless glass was captured on the table where the five members were holding a toast. Fans also guessed it as Gu Ha-ra’s position. The teaser welcomed and delighted Kara’s comeback, while allowing her to express her longing and sadness for Gu Ha-ra without hiding. 먹튀사이트

Memories made of longing are expected to fill Kara’s 15th anniversary festival more completely, like the lyrics of Gu Ha-ra’s debut song “Rock U” (Join with Kang Ji-young during her 2008 “Rock U” activities).

Kara, who emphasized “together” without hiding her longing, sadness, and sadness, accepted the vacancy and completed the “complete puzzle” more meaningfully.

KARA, 15th anniversary puzzle group stage

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