Kevin De Bruyne “22-year-old Holland can score 800 goals”

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne, the best midfielder in the English Premier League, praised his teammate Elling Holan (Manchester City, photo).

De Bruyne predicted that the 22-year-old Holan will someday reach the 800-goal mark in his personal career. According to AFP on the 25th in Korean time, De Bruyne said, “Holan only thinks about goals. He has already scored about 200 goals, so if he stays healthy and does as he is now, he will be able to reach 600, 700 or 800 goals,” he said.

“Holan is a top-notch striker,” he stressed, “Holan, who is still a young boy, enjoys life and takes football very seriously. “Holan loves scoring goals, which is a unique feature of him,” he added.

Holan is showing off his excellent sense of goal this season. He scored 18 goals in the EPL, maintaining the gap with Harry Kane (13 goals, Tottenham Hotspur), the second-ranked player in the category, with five goals, aiming for his first career top scorer in Europe’s top five leagues. Holan also scored a total of 24 goals this season, adding five goals in the UEFA Champions League and one in the English Football League Cup.

Kevin De Bruyne “22-year-old Holland can score 800 goals”

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