Kim Gu-ra will fight the truth…MBN’s “JinJin World” premiere on the 27th.

Kim Gu-ra

Broadcaster Kim Gu-ra will fight the truth.

Kim Gu-ra will be the MC of MBN’s first truth variety show “World-Jinsang World” (hereinafter referred to as “Jinsang World”) which will premiere at 10:20 p.m. on the 27th.

“Jinsang World” is Korea’s first truth tracking program that digs up the bare face of the truth to create a society where common sense works. Through the secured information materials such as CCTV footage, it examines the shocking truth cases and presents wise ways to cope with the truth along with the stories of those who suffered from power abuse.

Kim Gu-ra will look at the behavior of truthful people from all walks of life and listen to the voices of those affected by truthful people. Lawyer Son Soo-ho and psychiatrist Park Jong-seok will join the expert panel to provide professional consulting.

In addition, Cho Chung-hyun, an announcer-turned-broadcaster, and Kim Soo-hwan, a 25-year-old violent detective, will appear as “Jin Sang-jo Sa-dae.”

The production team said, “Victims who were subjected to unreasonably unreasonable demands must fully bear the damage and heartbreak.” “We will listen to the victims’ voices and provide professional consulting to heal the pain of those hurt by the truth and present the right countermeasures,” he said.

Kim Gu-ra has always expressed the laughter of viewers with her unique way of talking in entertainment shows. I wonder how fun it will be to capture the viewers. Attention is drawn to…

Kim Gu-ra will fight the truth…MBN’s “JinJin World” premiere..

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