Kim Hee-jung and Lee Sun-bin in “Drinking Girl 2” broke down as mothers with Choi Si-won and Tikitaka.

Kim Hee-jung

Actress Kim Hee-jung made viewers cry and laugh through “Drunk City Girls 2.”

Tving’s “Drunk City Women 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Drunk City Girls”) is the second story of a full-fledged “Tale of War” drama about the daily lives of three women whose one-day drinking is the belief.

Kim Hee-jung completed a pleasant and warm chemistry with Lee Sun-bin and Choi Si-won in the ninth episode of the original TVing “Drunk City Girls 2” released on the 6th.

Kim Hee-jung broke down into Lim Mi-sook, the mother of Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun-bin), and left a touching empathy and deep lingering impression on the small screen. In particular, Kim Hee-jung added vitality to the play by digesting the Jeolla-do dialect.

In the play, Lim Mi-sook smiled at Ahn So-hee and Kangbuk-gu (Choi Si-won) visiting a rural house and enjoying their meal.

In addition, if it’s about a daughter, he described a quick-witted mother realistically to Ahn So-hee, who was staring at Gangbuk-gu singing, saying, “Do you like it? Cheat on thorns or ghosts.”

Kim Hee-jung not only had a pleasant aspect as a mother, but also gave a sad echo with her emotional passion for her daughter.

Ahn So-hee was excited that Lim Mi-sook organized her dead father’s room without realizing it, and Lim Mi-sook quickly replied coldly, “I’m still young, so how long are you going to use it alone?” while looking at Ahn So-hee screaming and excited.

Since then, Lim Mi-sook has stimulated viewers’ tear glands with her mother’s thought of her daughter, who was thinking of her poor daughter by saying helplessly to Ahn So-hee, who was trying to return to Seoul, “Are you going to sleep?” and following Ahn So-hee out until the end.

Kim Hee-jung proved her irreplaceable presence by playing a good role full of personality in season 2 following season 1 of “Drinking Woman.” Tving original “Drunk City Women 2” is released every Friday at 4 p.m.

Kim Hee-jung and Lee Sun-bin in “Drinking Girl 2” broke..

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