Kim Hyunjoo and the late Kang Sooyeon who had a lot of affection would have been there? Tears.

Kim Hyunjoo

Actor Kim Hyun-joo shed tears as she recalled the late actor Kang Soo-yeon.

When asked about her acting chemistry with Kang Soo-yeon at a production briefing for the Netflix movie ‘Jeongi’ at Lotte Cinema in Konkuk University, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 12th, Kim Hyun-joo said, “I thought it would make sense when you said you would join me. Can I meet you? “I’ve never seen him before, and as I passed by, I wondered if I could do this and I was scared a lot,” he said.

“How can I act while looking into his eyes while looking at him? “I thought this didn’t make sense,” he said adding, “I remember the day I met you for the first time, and you greeted me so warmly and were so generous.”

In addition, he recalled, “I think (senior) was a colleague at the scene, not a senior or an adult, but a colleague, more serious than anyone else, passionate at the scene, and had a lot of worries.”

He said, “You always took care of us outside the scene, and if you weren’t there, you two are the closest people at the moment, but I don’t think I would have gotten two people if it weren’t for you, thank you for that.”

“Jeongi” is an SF film about people trying to develop the best battle A.I. by cloning the brain of legendary mercenary Jeongi to end the war in Shelter, which moved away from the ruined planet due to climate change. Actor Kim Hyun-joo played the legendary icon Jung-i, who led to the Allied victory in numerous operations during the civil war. The late Kang Soo-yeon plays Seo-hyun, the team leader who develops legendary hero Jung-yi through brain cloning procedures in Cronoid, and Ryu Kyung-soo plays Sang-hoon, director of the Cronoid Research Center, who runs to make the project successful.

Meanwhile, ‘Jeongyi’ will be released on Netflix on the 20th.

Kim Hyunjoo and the late Kang Sooyeon who had a lot of affection

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