Kim Ji-eun’s shocking exposed smooth back line that made me suspect her eyes

Kim Ji-eun's

Actress Kim Ji-eun caught the eye with her bold exposure.

HB Entertainment released Kim Ji-eun’s pictorial on the 22nd.

The released pictorial contains a unique transformation of Kim Ji-eun that has never been seen before.

First, Kim Ji-eun, who leaned on the motorcycle, boldly revealed her slim back line and showed off her strong charm with her sexy beauty.

Kim Ji-eun, who showed her hip styling by matching pink cargo pants with a tight top, added her own innocence to create a stylish harmony. He also perfectly matched jean jean fashion with a denim cropped sleeveless and jean skirt with his extraordinary fashion style

Finally, Kim Ji-eun, who started a dress-up with a red dress with ribbon points from the back to the side line, gave off a dark look in front of the motorcycle. The intense charisma catches the eye, while the unconventional exposure makes both eyes suspicious.

Kim Ji-eun’s perfect performance of various moods from chic to hipness drew admiration.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-eun, who made a public impression on the role of a hundred animals in the SBS drama “A Lawyer for 1,000 won” last year, is currently active as an MC for SBS “Inkigayo.”

Kim Ji-eun’s shocking exposed smooth back line

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