Kim Na-young, ‘9.9 billion building owners’, reveals ultra-luxury Bali accommodation of ‘6.5 million won for 8 nights’

Broadcaster Kim Na-young unveiled the ultra-luxury accommodation she stayed on her trip to Bali.

On the 22nd, Kim Na-young introduces a Bali house with a five-room swimming pool on the YouTube channel ‘Kim Na-young’s nofilter TV’. However, he posted a video titled ‘With swimming training…’.

Kim Na-young

In the video, Kim Na-young said, “Children don’t go together. I will go to Gangwon-do with my children for a week after I come back. It’s like a break to me. It’s a gift for me that I worked hard for a year. Don’t you need time alone, too?” he said.

The day before leaving for Bali, Kim Na-young made food for the children, including curry, and said, “My aunt and grandmother decided to come and watch the children while I was in Bali.”

Regarding the accommodation in Bali, Kim Na-young said, “This is the accommodation I stayed on a trip that came just before COVID-19. I came back because I liked it so much. I made a reservation in April last year to come on this trip,” he explained.

Introducing the porch with the sofa, he said, “It’s a place to wait for customers. There are five rooms. Each room has a bathroom. The first room is simple. “The second room is the same,” he said.

The accommodation opened a large door and the largest room came out. Kim Na-young said, “It’s like a castle. “This is one room,” he said. “I sleep with the curtains closed.” The closet is four meters long. There is also a separate building,” he said.

Regarding the accommodation fee, Kim Nayoung said, “There are people working in Villa, so you can get as much service as the hotel, and it is all included in the price.” I paid 6.5 million won for eight nights. “Since there are eight people, we will know if we divide it up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Nayoung, who is raising two sons after the divorce, is openly dating singer and painter Mikey. In July last year, he bought a building in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul for 9.9 billion won, drawing attention.

Kim Na-young, ‘9.9 billion building owners’, reveals ultra-luxury..

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