Kim Sun-geun resigned from KBS and appeared on “Mr. Trot 2″… Middle-aged MBC anchor appearance was devastated at the recording studio.

Kim Sun-geun

Former KBS announcer Kim Sun-geun will appear in “Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend” after leaving KBS.

TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend,” which will air on the 5th, will feature the third story of the master qualifying round. In particular, participants on the “Mr. Trot 2” stage with the determination to quit their well-off jobs are drawing attention.

Kim Sun-geun is also widely known as the host who led KBS’ “I like the song” with Jang Yoon-jung for about two years. Kim Sun-geun said that Jang Yoon-jung was largely responsible for applying for “Mr. Trot 2,” raising questions about why. The full story of Kim Sun-geun’s departure from KBS and whether Jang Yoon-jung gave hearts to his stage will be revealed in the main broadcast.

In addition, a participant who appeared with a warm middle-aged beauty confessed that he was an anchor working for Company M, devastating the recording site. MC Kim Sung-joo was worried, saying, “What if I tell you to come down from the anchor seat at work?” but he expressed his strong determination, saying, “I did it as much as I wanted for 20 years, and I had a lot of lingering feelings about the song.”

Let’s briefly look at the activities of former announcer Kim Sun-geun.

In 2012, he graduated from Korea University with a degree in English and English (2003) and joined Yonhap News TV as an anchor and announcer from 2012 to April 2014, and two years later, he joined KBS as an announcer.

He worked at KBS Changwon Broadcasting Station for one year and KBS Cheongju Broadcasting Station for five months in 2015, and worked as a regional worker for one year and five months. It returned to its headquarters in September of the same year.
The main hosts were KBS 1TV’s 5 a.m. News, KBS 2TV’s 5 a.m. News, KBS 2TV’s Entertainer Broadcasting (Panel-Reporter), and Radio’s 2017 KBS 1st Radio, Live Saturday Morning, etc. when he returned to the TV.

He made his first appearance on Music Bank as the MC of the 36th episode of Kim Sun-geun announcer “Hot Debut” on “Music Bank Stardust”. Announcer Kim Sun-geun also appeared as an MC in the ‘Random Interview’ section on March 15, 2016.

In 2017, he appeared in the 429th episode of “Singing the Legend of Immortal Songs” and sang Kim Saeng-min, Jung Ji-won, Kim Sun-geun, and Shaw (Kim Won-jun).

Following announcer Cho Chung-hyun, who turned freelance from May 6, 2019, the KBS Happy FM morning program “Lucky Seven” was held until August 30, 2020. The DJ’s nickname is “BbuDi” after the letter “root root” in his name. Some of the listeners sometimes misheard it and call it “PdD.” It also hosts KBS Sports 9 on the weekend of 1TV, making voice appearances on two KBS channels at the same time. He will host 2TV Good Morning Korea Live Friday, and is also appearing on KBS’s two channels on Friday.

He often appears in KBS 1TV’s “My Hometown Report” at 6 o’clock.

Since October 31, 2020, it has been hosting weekend KBS Sports 9 following announcer Kim Jong-hyun.

In addition, he became the new MC of “Love Song” from February 9, succeeding Do Kyung-wan, who became a freelancer in 2021.

And in 2022, he served as a special MC for two weeks for the TV show’s authentic luxury due to personal reasons of announcer Kang Seung-hwa.

On September 26, 2022, he resigned from KBS and declared freelance. And Mr. Trot 2 – challenging the beginning of a new legend.

Kim Sun-geun resigned from KBS and appeared on “Mr. Trot 2..

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