Kim Sunggeun and Lee Seung-yeop return as the ‘strongest baseball’ coach

Kim Sunggeun

Head coach Kim Sung-geun will be in charge of the new head coach of “The Strongest Monsters.”

According to YTNstar, head coach Kim Sunggeun will be the head coach of the strongest monsters on JTBC’s entertainment program “The Strongest Baseball.” Head coach Kim Sung-geun makes a surprise visit to the recording studio on the 7th to inform the players that he is in charge of the team.

Coach Kim Sung-keun will fill the vacancy of Lee Seung-yeop, who was appointed as Doosan manager on the 14th of last month. Coach Lee Seung-yeop has led the strongest monsters since the start of the “strongest baseball” in June.

Among the strongest monsters’ teams, there are a number of people who worked together when they were active, including Park Yong-taek, Jung Geun-woo, and Shim Soo-chang, so it is expected to be combined within the program.

Attention is also focusing on the appearance of Kim Sung-keun, who has represented the baseball world through numerous professional teams and national team coaches. Coach Kim Sung-keun announced his retirement from his leadership career on the 16th of last month.

Kim Sunggeun and Lee Seung-yeop return as the ‘strongest baseball’…

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