Kim Yeon-kyung is not good enough alone, Park Jung-ah and Lee So-young are desperate to play.

Kim Yeon-kyung

In order for Kim Yeon-kyung (Shanghai), who started “Last Dance” at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to stay in Tokyo as long as possible, his teammates seem to need support to help him.

The Korean women’s volleyball team, led by coach Stefano Lavarini, was completely defeated by Brazil, third place, 0-3 (10-25 22-25 19-25) in the first match of the women’s volleyball qualification at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at Ariake Arena on the 25th.

South Korea, ranked 14th in the world rankings, has not won a single set against third-ranked Brazil and has felt the difference in performance.

South Korea, which gave up the first set 10-25 in vain, faced 22-22 in the second set and showed a hopeful performance in the third set, leading 8-3 in the beginning of the game. However, he suffered a complete shut-out defeat against Brazil, which had both height and power.

Ace Kim Yeon-kyung played with a 63.2 percent attack success rate with 12 points, the most in the team, but it was not enough to face Brazil with the world’s best skills alone.

Korean women’s volleyball, which is highly dependent on Kim Yeon-kyung, requires other players to play together so that they can achieve their desired goal in Tokyo.

In particular, Park Jung-ah (Korea Highway Corporation) and Lee So-young (KGC Ginseng Corporation), who were selected as left resources along with Kim Yeon-kyung, are urgently needed.

To mark Brazil, coach Lavarini sent Park Jung-ah first with Kim Yeon-kyung. Park Jung-ah, 187 centimeters tall, was first deployed against her high opponent.

Park Jung-ah fought with nine points, but she became the target of the opponent’s target again following the Rio Olympics.

Brazil focused on Park Chung-ah from the beginning and shook the receiver, and as the operation succeeded, it easily won the first set. Libero Oh Ji-young (GS Caltex) allowed Park Jung-ah to serve as a sub ace while reducing the burden of receiving.

If Lee So-young (KGC Ginseng Corporation) is deployed instead of Park Jung-ah, there is some sense of stability in receiving. However, it is not easy to use Lee So-young, who is 175cm tall, because she has a clear weakness for height. In fact, Lee So-young, who was deployed on behalf of Park Jung-ah, whose reception is shaking, was seen struggling with Brazil’s high blocking wall.

In a situation where Kim Yeon-kyung falls to the rear, someone between Park Chung-ah and Lee So-young, who are eventually deployed to the front, should act as a troubleshooter. Coach Lavarini tried to confront Brazil by properly putting the two players in, but showed clear limits.

South Korea, which recorded its first loss in Group A, will face Kenya (24th), Dominican Republic (6th) on the 27th, Japan (5th) on the 31st, and Serbia (13th) on August 2nd. In order to advance to the quarterfinals by being in the top four teams, Park Jung-ah and Lee So-young, who will ease Kim Yeon-kyung’s burden, are urgently needed.

Kim Yeon-kyung is not good enough alone

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