Kim Yong-gun, “My waist age is 28 years old” bragged about Kim Soo-mi’s 70-gold joke. (Chairman’s office)

Kim Yong-gun

Kim Soo-mi, “The People of the President,” devastates the scene with a 70-gold joke.

In the 14th episode of tvN’s Story’s People, which will air on the 16th, the New Year’s atmosphere, such as making rice cakes, playing yut, and making rice cake soup, will be reproduced as it was in the “Country Diary” broadcast, recalling memories of that time.

First of all, Lim Ho, Nam Sung-jin, Cho Ha-na, and Yang Dong-jae of the Ministry of Youth will challenge to make rice cakes in the yard for the New Year. At this time, Jo Ha-na, the youngest member of Yo-Al-Mot, was trying to touch the rice powder with her gloves on, but Lim Ho, Yang Dong-jae, and Nam Sung-jin were freaked out. While everyone lamented why they touched it with gloves, Yang Dong-jae also said he had changed his mind to make bossam, drawing laughter. Jo Ha-na is then scolded by Lim Ho for bringing uncut chestnuts in foil and suggesting that they be baked in a brazier. Following the night bomb, sweet potatoes also pack only a layer of foil and melt the foil in the brazier, making Jo Ha-na the official clumsiness of the “president’s people.”

Following Lee Gye-in and Lee Sook, Cho Ha-na and Yang Dong-jae, unofficial lovers of “The Chairman’s People,” challenge traditional rice cake making after the rice flour is steamed. When Yang Dong-jae hits the rice cake, Jo Ha-na immediately turns it over, and Kim Soo-mi makes a 70-gold joke, saying, “The bride and groom are turning it over after hitting the rice cake.” Kim Yong-gun, who saw this, said, “Roh Shin-rang will try to hit it,” amplifying the expectations of all family members. Kim Yong-gun, who was diagnosed with a 28-year-old waist age in the last bone density test, showed off his full-power rice cake making, and when all the family members were surprised, he bragged about his strength, saying, “Others called me Kim Kang-so,” causing a big laugh.

Kim Yong-gun, “My waist age is 28 years old” bragged…

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