Kim Yu-na’s newlywed life solving changes in her privacy protection attitude

Kim Yu-na's

Figure Queen Kim Yu-na and crossover group Forrestella Gorim began to unravel their privacy little by little. The newlywed life of Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim, who raised public curiosity. Therefore, whenever the talk of newlyweds comes up, it becomes a hot topic.

Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim have been under tight security since their wedding. It is common for top stars or celebrities to hold weddings “private,” and Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim’s weddings in October last year were held under tight security.

At that time, folding screens were surrounded in the lobby and hallway of the hotel, which is the wedding hall, and Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim entered the hotel with umbrellas under the protection of their bodyguards from getting off the vehicle. The disclosure of the moment was not easily allowed.

After the two announced their marriage, they also drew keen attention from whether Ko Woo-rim joined the army, to where the church, wedding invitation, and honeymoon house run by Ko Woo-rim’s father, a pastor. Mindful of the excessive attention, I paid attention to security on the day of the ceremony

The agencies of both sides maintained silence on the information mentioned, and decided whether to disclose information that collects topics from various media and SNS in a unified manner after detailed opinion coordination. It focused on protecting Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim’s privacy by thoroughly refraining from responding other than officially distributing them to the media.

However, after marriage, Ko Woo-rim appeared on various entertainment programs, slowly conveying her sweet honeymoon with Kim Yu-na, and the disclosure of her private life, which had been completely hidden, became a hot topic.

It was KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song” that Ko Woo-rim first mentioned her honeymoon with Kim Yu-na. In November last year, Ko Woo-rim said, “My wife also had an early schedule this morning, so we couldn’t eat together,” adding, “I think we will meet in the evening and have a late-night snack together because we had a hard time.”

Kim Yu-na was also mentioned in tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “You Quiz”) in December last year. In fact, until this time, Ko Woo-rim seemed cautious about mentioning Kim Yu-na and her marriage. In response to Kim Yu-na’s response to her appearance in “You Quiz,” Ko Woo-rim said, “I was so happy when I heard that the cast came in. He said, “Since I like Forestellar activities so much, I am happy when I am invited.”

Ko Woo-rim also recalled her first meeting with Kim Yu-na, saying, “At that time, Yu-na came to the waiting room to greet us when we were invited. He confessed that he liked our songs and that he enjoyed the program, so I actually wanted to sing better. He added, “In a way, I think it was thanks to the song.”

The two people who suffered from “fake news” such as extramarital affairs, abortion, and divorce. Since then, Ko Woo-rim has reported her honeymoon life in earnest at MBC’s “Omniscient Point of View” in March. In particular, she even revealed the tableware she uses with Kim Yu-na.

In the broadcast at the time, Ko Woo-rim made garlic fried rice for the members, and he drew attention by saying, “I did it after receiving the recipe because my wife (Kim Yu-na) at home told me about it.” In response, Cho Min-kyu said, “I went to the houses once. Yuna made me kimchi fried rice and it was really good. “We’re asking for more,” he proved, and Ko Woo-rim boasted, “You’re a good cook.”

Also, MBC’s “Save Me” aired on the 23rd! Holmes also unveiled the interior of the newlywed house. Ko Woo-rim said, “My wife likes coffee, so I made a mini home cafe, but later I have a dream of decorating the entire house like a cafe.”

Asked how much he was involved in the interior of the honeymoon house, Ko Woo-rim said, “Honestly, I wasn’t involved much. About 95% of them are wives’ opinions, he added.

When asked, “Which stake is 5% involved?” Ko Woo-rim said, “Most of them are white and wood concepts. “Only my room is a little masculine and black,” he said. When Boom specifically asked, “I guess they decorated their respective spaces,” Ko Woo-rim said, “Most of them are my wife’s.” Just a little bit of my room,” he said cautiously.

Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim, who were reluctant to disclose their private lives by thoroughly protecting their privacy until the wedding, have begun to change their privacy attitudes after marriage, drawing public attention. Expectations are high on how much more the couple will reveal their honeymoon in the future

Kim Yu-na’s newlywed life solving changes in her privacy

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