Korea is particularly sensitive to golfwear fashion because


From one-piece dresses to sporty sweatsuits perfect to wear As the golf population increases, various variations are also taking place in golf fashion. Unlike the United States and Europe, some say that Korea is particularly sensitive to golf fashion. What’s the reason?

At the fall and winter season preview event of CJ ENM premium golfwear “Basquia Brooklyn” on the 10th, CJ ENM creative director Hong Seung-wan said, “Unlike the U.S., Europe, and Korea and Japan, which regard golf as a sport, have developed a ‘culture’ connected to business.” In addition, he said, “Since COVID-19, a large number of 2030 golfers and female golfers have flowed in, forming a trend to consume golf wear like a luxury,” adding, “Korea’s golf wear is actually the largest market in the world on a single country basis.”

At the event, Creative Director Hong Seung-wan summarized the 2022 “K Golf Wear” trend with three keywords. The first is New Luxury, which means price policy and scarcity as much as luxury goods, the second is Casualizing, which means unstructured style, and the third is Iconic Design. “As more and more customers pursue their own style on the field, the method of producing golf wear has also changed to small-scale production, making it expensive, and there is a tendency to prefer new golf wear that can be used in various styles rather than typical golf clothes enjoyed by older generations,” he explained. It is also a trend these days that brands with a clear identity are gaining popularity enough to distinguish brands at a glance, such as characters and logo plays.

CJ ENM proposed a goal of diversifying its flagship license “Baskia” by introducing additional premium and casual lines in addition to “Baskia Golf” and achieving a cumulative order amount of 400 billion won by 2023. Premium golf wear brand “Baskia Brooklyn” plans to use department stores and fashion vertical platforms as its main distribution channels, not for sale in TV home shopping or online shopping malls.

Korea is particularly sensitive to golfwear fashion because

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