“Kubo Takefusa Awakening Season”… Basque The B went crazy about “Nut Meg Performance”.

Kubo Takefusa

Japan was enthusiastic about Takefusa Kubo “crazy performance.”

Real Sociedad beat Basque rival Athletic Bilbao 3-1 in the 17th round of the 2022-2023 Spanish La Liga on the 14th. The people who scored for Real Sociedad in the Basque Derby were Alexander Solros, Kubo Takefusa, and Michael Oyarsabal.

The Japanese media ‘Lon Spo’ delivered the Basque Derby review like this. “Personally, Kubo Takefusa, who finished the FIFA World Cup incompletely, is about to face an awakening season,” statistics media “Fuscoard” also cited the best player in the Basque Derby as Kubo Takefusa.

Takefusa Kubo scored one goal himself and scored a penalty kick. In the 37th minute of the first half, sense and determination shone in the goal scene. Kubo Takefusa`s who received David Silva’s pass and dug into space, made a shot angle by passing the ball through Dani Vivian’s legs, and soon penetrated goalkeeper Unai Simone with a cool finish.

Celebration also drew attention. Takefusa Kubo`s breathed with the crowd, taking off his uniform top, and Real Sociede.De fans were happy to see this.

Takefusa Kubo`s infiltrated the penalty box in the 18th minute of the second half by running. In the process, Real Sociedad was sent off and a penalty kick was induced. “Fuscoord” gave Kubo Takefusa`s an eight-star rating. 파워볼밸런스

It is true that Takefusa Kubo`s showed disappointment at the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. Still, he has shown good performance since returning to his team, raising expectations again. Attention is being paid to whether the Japanese media’s prediction that the “awake season” has come will be correct.

“Kubo Takefusa Awakening Season”… Basque The B went crazy…

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