Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn are in a state of limbo

Kyrie Irving

Talks between Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have stalled. They are deliberately avoiding conversation with each other.

Irving has until the 29th to decide whether to play the option next season. Irving will receive $36.9 million for exercising the option. Otherwise, it will come into the free-agent market.

Even though the deadline for the decision is just around the corner, Irving has yet to say anything.

There is all sorts of speculation about this. The LA Lakers and LA Clippers are showing interest in recruiting IrvingIt is rumored that the New York Knicks will take Irving.

The Lakers reportedly considered recruiting Irving as a trade when Russell Westbrook was sluggish last season.

However, the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers’ home media, criticized the rumors.

Bill Flash, a renowned columnist, claimed on Tuesday that the Lakers’ recruitment of Irving would be “super stupid, super chaotic and super bizarre.”

Frash said Irving is considered one of the most selfish players in professional sports and opposed the Lakers’ recruitment.

Some media predicted that Brooklyn would sign an extension contract with Irving. Irving does not want to leave Brooklyn, and Brooklyn is also not easy to find a replacement for Irving. 토토사이트

Here, the relationship between Kevin Durant and Irving cannot be ignored. This is because Durant can move when Irving leaves.

Attention is drawn to what choice Eving will make

Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn are in a state of limbo

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