Lee Dongwook joins the movie ‘Harbin’… Hyunbin X Park Jungmin Year Casting is complete

Lee Dongwook

Actor Lee Dongwook will join the movie “Harbin.”

According to a report by Spotify News on the 17th, Lee Dong-wook has decided to appear in the movie “Harbin” (director Woo Min-ho) and is about to shoot.

Harbin is a masterpiece of espionage action that tells the story of independence fighters who risked their lives to regain the Republic of Korea, which was taken by the Japanese Empire in Harbin, away from their homeland, in 1909.

Earlier, news of casting Hyun Bin, Park Jung-min, Cho Woo-jin, Jeon Yeo-bin, Yoo Jae-myung, and Park Hoon were reported, and Lee Dong-wook joined and completed the special lineup amid the news of Jung Woo-sung’s special appearance.

Lee Dong-wook is currently in the midst of filming the drama “The Nine Tailed 1938,” and is expected to join the filming of “Harbin” as soon as he finishes.

Harbin will begin cranking in on the 20th and will film between Korea, Latvia, and Mongolia.

Lee Dongwook joins the movie ‘Harbin’… Hyunbin…

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