Lee Hyunyi shed tears at the ’10 million won luxury watch gift’ celebrating the 10th anniversary of her marriage.

Lee Hyunyi

Lee Hyunyi was surprised by the 10th wedding anniversary gift.

On the 30th, a video titled “10th Anniversary of Marriage and My 40th Birthday” was posted on YouTube’s “Hongbapa TV.”

In the video, Lee Hyun-yi and Hong Sung-ki couple celebrated the 10th anniversary of their wedding anniversary.

Hong Sung-ki, who was preparing a bouquet every year for his wedding anniversary, also prepared a bouquet on that day. Later, the two, who came to the hotel where they had a wedding 10 years ago, enjoyed a delicious meal.

After eating, Hong Sung-ki handed Lee Hyun a present. Lee Hyun-yi, who was opening the box, opened her eyes wide, asking, “Really?” Hong Sung-ki was proud, saying, “Really. I spent a lot of money.”

Hong Sung-ki said, “You said you wanted this when you got married, right?” raising questions. The gift was a luxury watch. Lee Hyun-yi, who burst into tears immediately, was moved, saying, “Oh my gosh, what’s going on?” and “I didn’t even imagine it.”

Over time, Hong Chang-ki’s birthday party continued. Lee Hyun-yi, who appeared late at a birthday party with 20 people, celebrated her husband’s birthday by handing him a large birthday cake.

Lee Hyunyi shed tears at the ’10 million won luxury watch…

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