Lee Jae-wook and Ko Yoon-jung in ‘Wedding’ prevented the Great Lakes crisis and became a married couple…A tight happy ending.


Lee Jae-wook and Ko Yoon-jung of “Wedding” prevented the Great Lakes crisis and became a formal couple, showing a tight happy ending. The final episode of “Wedding” ended with its own highest ratings, recording 9.7% nationwide.

In the final episode of “The Wedding,” Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook) and Jin Jin-yeon (Go Yoon-jung) were depicted as a formal couple. Jin Jin-yeon regained her real name Cho Young, and the two made happy memories by spending their given time together like any ordinary lover.

But in the meantime, the Great Lakes are in chaos. Greedy Wang (Choi Kwang-il) recovered the gold plaque of Crown Prince Go Won (Shin Seung-ho) and imprisoned him, and Jin-moo (Cho Jae-yoon) was trapped in Jin-won (Park Eun-hye) and Kim Do-joo (Oh Na-ra) in the process of taking out Jin-won’s flower tank. Park Jin (Yoo Joon-sang), who lost his beloved wife, said, “Why does good constantly have to prove itself when evil is going his way?” and fought against the royal family and Manjanghoe technicians to protect the flower bird’s boundary, but eventually the storm was killed by Jinmu.

However, Park Jin, Kim Do-joo, and Jin Ho-kyung, who thought they were dead, lived a narrow life thanks to Jin Jin-yeon, whose soul of falling water disappeared. At the same time, Jang Wook was shocked to hear that the turmoil experienced by Seo Kyung and Jin Seol-ran came again through the young Jin Jin Jin-yeon, and the only person who could prevent this could not exist in this world, but Jang Wook, the king castle, or Jang Woo-sung, was the only one who existed.

Jang Wook personally stepped out to save the world in chaos. The crown prince gave his gold plaque to the crown prince and asked him to prevent the king from moving the army, and in the meantime, Jang Wook woke up the flower bird and announced that he would eliminate it, saying, “If it must happen, we would rather make things when we can control them.”

Jang Wook, who later visited Jinmu, said, “Look clearly at what it’s like for a powerful person to wield that power with greater power,” dealing with the fire of the flower bird and burning down Manjanghoe technicians and Jinmu. In addition, Jin Jin-yeon woke up the flower bird at Suseongdae in Cheonbu-gwan and sent it to Gyeongcheon Daeho Lake where Jang-wook was, and Jang-wook and Jin-yeon, who saved the world following Seo-kyung and Jin Seol-ran, gave catharsis to the small screen.

Above all, young Jin Jin-yeon said, “It is a shadow that returns the light that saved the world to you. “The light that embraces the shadow will never fall into darkness,” he said, saving the soul of his beloved falling water in return for Jang Wook’s prevention of the rebellion. A year later, Jang Wook and Jin Jin Jin-yeon were still using their power to save the world, while Park Dang-gu (Yoo In-soo) and Jin Cho-yeon (Arin) gave birth to twins. Seo Yul (Hwang Min-hyun) became a new Jeong Jin-gak footnote, and finished with a happy ending, with Kim Do-joo also pregnant.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company today (9th), the final episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Wedding: Light and Shadow,” which aired on the night of the 8th, averaged 10.6% in the Seoul metropolitan area, 9.7% and 11.0% nationwide. tvN’s target audience rating for men and women was 3.9% on average in the Seoul metropolitan area, 4.7% on average, 4.1% on national average, and 4.7%, ranking first in the same time slot on channels including cable and general episodes.

Lee Jae-wook and Ko Yoon-jung in ‘Wedding’ prevented the..

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