Lee Jae-young is in pain and strongly supports his return

Lee Jae-young

“I strongly support Lee Jae-young’s return, feeling the pain.”

Lee Jae-young’s fan club “Jaeyoung Time” issued a statement supporting his return on the 25th and argued that Lee Jae-young should be allowed to return to the domestic league.

“Jaeyoung Time” said, “I think the punishment and treatment Lee Jae-young received due to unidentified unilateral disclosures, biased media and malicious fans are very harsh compared to other cases. In response, we strongly support Lee Jae-young’s return, feeling the pain of Lee Jae-young, who has suffered from numerous malicious comments and articles over the past two years and has been unable to play volleyball, he said.

The twin sisters, Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young, were pointed out as perpetrators of school violence in the past and were suspended indefinitely by Heungkuk Life’s club, and eventually had to leave the team without continuing their contract with the club.

Regarding the story that “Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young sisters did not apologize,” “The claim that they did not apologize is not true.” The two players have apologized to the disclosure and volleyball community several times. Regardless of the authenticity of the disclosure in the early days of the incident, he apologized several times to the discloser and the volleyball community for a smooth resolution. However, the revelers continued to avoid meetings and conversations, taking issue with their sincerity.”

“Jaeyoung Time” then said, “In the meantime, the two players had to be indiscriminately attacked by the media and haters, who had a modern witch hunt, and suffered serious defamation.” Accordingly, it was the judicial procedure that was chosen to correct the parts that were not true. How great is the injustice to continue the lawsuit even though it is an excuse for an attack. It is not fair that this is a reason to oppose a return,” he added. 안전공원

He also claimed that there are malicious forces that prevent Lee Jae-young’s return, saying that he plans to respond strongly in the future. “We think this may be a great opportunity and last chance for Lee Jae-young to return to the domestic league, and we will not wait and see that such an opportunity is sacrificed by some unspecified fandom and some media,” said Jae-young Time. “We will apply the principle of ‘eye for eyes’ and ‘this’ in a ‘good way.”

Lee Jae-young is in pain and strongly supports his return

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