Lee Kang-in training partner in front of Ahn Jung-hwan (Gathering to kick 2)

Ahn Jung-hwan

Lee Kang-in training partner appears in “Together to Kick 2.”

JTBC’s “Gather to Kick”, which will air on the 15th (Sun).In “2,” director Ahn Jung-hwan will stop breaking the national seal of “The Avengers by Chance” and declare an emergency system. This is because he faced a crisis by recording a series of losses from breaking the Gyeongsang-do seal to breaking the Jeju-do seal.

Coach Ahn Jung-hwan will begin a terrifying Sparta hell training for the “By Chance Avengers,” whose winning rate of breaking the national seal has halved with three wins and three losses in six matches. It aims to grow players and strengthen their performance with training programs that compensate for weaknesses in all positions, including offense, midfielder, and keeper.

In particular, Lee Kang-in will be with a special training partner he has also experienced. The main character is a state-of-the-art machine that will be responsible for field athletes’ trapping training and keeper’s catching and punching training. Using the ball flying at a high speed from the machine, kickers will perform first touch and shooting training, which are as important as shooting, and keepers will cure chronic diseases by training to prevent random shooting.

However, the anger and sigh of ‘Gam Ko-jin (coach + coach)’, who was watching ‘Somehow Avengers’ during training, are building up. Coach Ahn Jung-hwan even turned his back on frustration and roared, drawing keen attention to whether he will be able to complete the training safely.

The hell trainer of “Just Happened Avengers” is JTBC’s “JTBC” that will air at 7:40 p.m. on the 15th (Sunday).It will be released in ‘2’.

Lee Kang-in training partner in front of Ahn Jung-hwan..

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