Lee Seok-hoon, “I’ve been married for 9 years, and my wife and I haven’t opened the bathroom yet.” [Save me!] Holmes]

Lee Seok-hoon

Singer Lee Seok-hoon will reveal his marriage in “Save me! Holmes.”

MBC’s entertainment program “Save Me” that will air on the 8th! In “Home,” Oh My Girl’s Yoo Ah and Yang Se-hyung, and singers Lee Seok-hoon and Lee Kuk-joo will go on a search for sales, respectively.

In the recent recording, a prospective couple looking for a house to live with a companion rabbit appeared as clients. Currently, the prospective couple is living in an officetel in Seoul with two rabbits that are like children. Both said they decided to move to Pangyo Station, where their jobs are located, because it is difficult to get to and from work, and they are looking for a honeymoon house near their workplace. The desired area was Gwangju-si or Yongin-si, which wanted to build two or more floors that could separate space. In addition, he needed an outdoor space for his wife and companion rabbit, and hoped for a house with a unique structure. The budget was available for sale up to 700 million won, and it was said that it could be up to 600 million won for jeonse.

In the Deok team, singers Lee Seok-hoon and Lee Kuk-joo went to Jangji-dong, Gwangju, to introduce detached houses. It is located 25 minutes away from Pangyo Station, where the prospective couple’s workplace is located, and there is Gyeonggi Gwangju Station and a large mart nearby. The two introduced a hobby room on the first floor and an outdoor yard for rabbits, and headed to the second floor, the main space of the house.

Lee Seok-hoon, who has been preparing a personal wireless microphone, changed his song “10 Reasons to Love You” and introduced the characteristics of the second floor into a song. Rumor has it that Lee Seok-hoon, who is camera-shy in the process, constantly made NGs because he was ashamed of his eye contact with the camera.

Then, heading to Sinhyeon-dong, Gwangju-si, the two introduced a red brick house that preserved the shape of a triangular land. Unlike his appearance, Lee Seok-hoon, who fell in love with the wide and sophisticated interior, praised, saying, “This is a different class,” and “I wish this was my studio.”

Also, Lee Seok-hoon, who saw the bathroom on each floor, said, “I haven’t opened the bathroom with my wife yet. “It’s good to have your own bathroom,” he confessed.

On the Bok team, Oh My Girl’s Yoo Ah and Yang Se-hyung headed to the “Dongbaek District” in the Jung-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si. It was about a 30-minute drive to the prospective couple’s workplace, boasting the best infrastructure from lake parks, large discount stores, and university hospitals. The house had a unique structure designed by the landlord himself, and there were flatbeds installed throughout the house.

In the process of introducing the house, Yang Se-hyung and YooA over-reported the only buzzword, “Jin Simon,” that Deok team’s boom is pushing. Boom, who was watching this anxiously, shouted “Save people.”

Lee Seok-hoon, “I’ve been married for 9 years, and my wife….

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