Lee Soyeon, there was a Porsche accident…

Lee Soyeon

Actress Lee Soyeon announced the car accident.

Lee So-yeon posted a photo on Dec. 1 with the words “car accident ㅜ”.”

The released photo shows a foreign car of Company P boasting a price of 100 million won. The powerful force of a red foreign car attracts attention.

However, as if it represents Lee So-yeon’s tear emoticon, there are proper traces of traffic accidents on the exterior of the car, causing regret.

Meanwhile, Lee appears in the movie ’19 and 39′.

The movie “19 and Thirty-nine” is a movie in the genre of emotional healing drama in which the reunion alumni of the class president “Yeonmi” face the secrets they have hidden for 20 years and grow up understanding each other.

An actor who was a former South Korea. He graduated from the Korea National University of Arts or dropped out in the third grade due to academic difficulties caused by entertainment activities, and later graduated from Hanyang University.

Lee Soyeon, there was a Porsche accident…

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