Lee Ye-jun “When Your Number Happens” will be released today.

Lee Ye-jun

Singer Lee Ye-joon draws sympathy from listeners.

Lee Ye-joon will release the third song “Your Number Happens” of his new music project “Today’s Song Selection” through various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 16th.

“What Happens to Your Number” is a song that expresses the sadness of a woman who regrets breaking up. It contains a drama-like composition of waiting with anticipation that “the person’s phone number might appear among the calls that come every day. Realistic lyrics will increase the immersion of listeners.

Above all, Lee Ye-joon’s appealing tone and delicate expression give strength to the mournful story of “What Happens Your Number.” Lee Ye-joon provides a more dramatic emotional line with his solid singing ability.

Lee Ye-joon 2023 move, which is carrying out various music activities with his unquestionable singing ability, is also drawing attention. Last year, Lee Ye-joon settled down on the music charts with four singles, “Don’t Say It Wasn’t Love,” “Beautiful in My Life,” “Fear to Meet Again,” and “Don’t Spare My Love,” and has consistently played attractive vocals with various OSTs and project songs.

The third sound source of the “Today’s Song Selection” project, completed with Lee Ye-joon’s flawless vocals, will be available on various online music sites from 6 p.m. on the same day.

Lee Ye-jun “When Your Number Happens” will be released today.

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